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The Alpha Newspapers is the largest weekly newspaper group in Northern Ireland
and the Irish Midlands with a readeship of 425,000 for our paid-for newspapers and 120,000 for our free-newspapers.

The Alpha Newspaper Group has a greater circulation than the Belfast Telegraph, Irish News or Newsletter.

The Alpha Newspaper Group's Tyrone Courier is the largest weekly newspaper in the province with a circulation of 15083.

The Alpha Newspaper Group's Chronicle is the second largest weekly newspaper with a circulation of 14841.

The Alpha Newspaper Group's Guardian is the third largest weekly newspaper in Northern Ireland and the largest in County Antrim with a circulation of 14794.

Other Alpha Circulation Figures are Tyrone Constitution and the Strabane Weekly News - 12648; Ulster Gazette - 10,025, The County Down Outlook - 3972; Carrickfergus Advertiser Series - 3607 and The Alpha Midlands Group publications have a combined circulation of 20,000 in the Republic of Ireland.


The Alpha Newspaper Group is divided into three main divisions.


The Alpha Counties Newspaper Group which includes:
The Northern Newspaper Group which includes:
The Midland Newspaper Group including:
Company History


1844 The Ulster Gazette and Tyrone Constitution are first published and have continuously been published.

1875 Northern Constitution was established.

1880 Tyrone Courier was established.

1881 Midland Tribune established

1883 The Carrickfergus Advertiser was established.

1922 The Roscommon Champion was first published after incorporating the Western News and the Western Nationalist.

1936 The Longford News was first published.

1940 The County Down Outlook was established.

1973 The Ballymena and Antrim Guardian was established.

1983 The Ulster Gazette was acquired by a group of business people chaired by Rt Hon John D Taylor.

1986 The Tyrone Courier and Tyrone Printing were acquired by a group of businesspeople chaired by Rt Hon John D Taylor.

1991 The Carrickfergus Advertiser joined the Alpha Group.

1994 The Larne Gazette and Ballyclare Gazette were launched.

1997 The Tyrone Constitution and Strabane Weekly News joined the Alpha Newspaper Group.

1999 The Outlook joins the Alpha Group.

2003 The Northern Newspaper Group joins Alpha Newspapers.

2004 The Midland Group joins Alpha Newspapers.

2005 The Athlone Voice

The Company has developed over the years to ensure the vibrant group that it is today. This enables a sense of security and consistency for all involved in Alpha Newspapers.

Group Mission Statement

We in the Alpha Newspaper Group will retain and strengthen our position as a media organisation with specific emphasis on local newspapers and radio in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

By the planned development of our people, products and services, we shall achieve a level of excellence exceeding the customer's expectations, thus assuring a long-term future as an independent company.

The Alpha Newspaper Group titles are available at the following Belfast City Centre Newsagents:
Riverness Ltd. 'Centra' - Donegal Square West, Belfast
LCR Retail T/A 'Centra Quickstop' - Wellington Place, Belfast
MJ & AS Moran - Bedford Street, Belfast
Glendale Stores 'Mace' - Donegal Square East, Belfast
A & D McKay - 26 Queen's Arcade, Fountain Street, Belfast
Ranfern T/A 'Centra' - Great Victoria Street, Belfast
Rear Retail Ltd. 'Spar' - Bedford Street, Belfast
Easons - Donegal Place, Belfast
Hughes - Lisburn Road, Belfast
McKillop - University Avenue, Belfast
McMullan - Dublin Road, Belfast
McAuley 'Centra' - Botanic Avenue, Belfast
McGovern & O'Connolly 'Centra' - Stranmillis Road, Belfast
Henderson - Malone Road, Belfast
Spar Express - University of Ulster, Jordanstown
Students' Union (Queen's) - University Street, Belfast



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